Say HOLA to Our Newest LOVE Bracelet

We partnered with Mercado Global to bring you these beauts from Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

LOVE bracelets do more than forge a connection between the wearer and artisan; they’re also an important tool for creating enriching employment opportunities for women all over the world in a supply chain of love. Fair wages, access to education, and benefits like healthcare and paid vacation are central to our mission at Love is Project—and when we came across Mercado Global, we just knew we had to work together.

Atitlan LOVE Bracelets - Pink & Red
Atitlan LOVE Bracelets - Yellow & Gold
Atitlan LOVE Bracelets - Blue & Turquoise
Atitlan LOVE Bracelets - Purple
Atitlan LOVE Bundle

Atitlan LOVE Bundle

$100.00 $112.00

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