From Kenya to Indonesia, these bracelets consistently fly off the shelves. Meet our greatest hits: The Bestsellers.
Love Is Project Original Love Bracelet handmade in Kenya
love is project original SKINNY love bracelet
LOVE Bracelet - Black/Gold
LOVE Big Gold

LOVE Big Gold


love is project original skinny love bracelet black and gold
Seed Bead LOVE Bracelet - White & Gold
Love Is Project Darjeeling bracelet handmade by artisans in India
Achira Harmony LOVE seed bracelet made in Ecuador by artisans
Love Is Project beaded bracelet handmade in Ecuador
love is project skinny white bracelet
Love Is Project beaded bracelet handmade in Ecuador with vegan leather
love is project skinny turquoise bracelet
Silver LOVE Offering Bracelet Small
Silver LOVE Offering Bracelet Medium
Love Is Project Bali Friendship Bundle handmade by artisans

Bali Friendship Bundle

$80.00 $90.00

Bali Friendship Bundle New Colors
Love Is Project Love Rainbow Bracelet made with LOVE in Kenya

LOVE Rainbow


love is project trinity horn bangles photography
Atitlan LOVE Bracelets - Yellow & Gold



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