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Love Signs - Horoscopes

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What's Your Sign?

Power colors are associated with each Zodiac sign

They bring out different energies and personality characteristics for each color

Aries - red: Aries demand attention just like a bold red lip. It’s a color of passion, of excitement, of get up and go initiative. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars the “red planet.” coincidence? We think not.

Taurus - green: bulls grow in verdant fields, just like this color that makes their sign thrive. Once you grow there’s no going back, absolute progress, hearkens back to the beauty of nature and the growth and hope that happens come springtime

Gemini - yellow: just like the sun which brings light, knowledge, and empowerment, it’s light and bright and intelligent, good for focus

Cancer - white and silver: a clean and neutral slate allows cancers to connect with pure intuition, cancers are sensitive and this doesn’t overwhelm the senses

Leo - gold: like the brave golden lion on the sweeping plains, gold symbolizes benevolent power, prestige, and positivity

Virgo - green and brown: symbolizes the interplay between groundedness and growth, and the natural ebbs and flows of continuous growth

Libra - airy pink stands for a LOVING nurturing personality while light blue captures their clarity and balance

Scorpio - black: inquisitive, focused on transformation, questioning below the surface adn digging a layer deeper, western cultures it means death and rebirth which symbolize self transofrmation

Sagittarius - purple: spirituality, awareness, philosophy, enlighment, abundance, luck, positive nature, continuously broadening horizons

Capricorn - brown and gray: practicality, solid, reliable, traditional, still not boring, no-nonsense approach, gray is a combo of two extremes (black and white) and shows their ability to walk the middle path

Aquarius - blue: calming blue balances brilliant ideas and restless energy, like the sea represents vastness of ideas and flow of conversation, uranus ruling planet is also blue

Pisceslight green: healing, renewal, connection with sub-conscious, inspiration, healing, rejuvenation.

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