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Dragon Bracelet - Yellow/White

Bhutan is the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Druk means dragon in Bhutanese. The wrap around two-tone color design symbolizes the dragon’s form. The dragon symbolizes purity which keeps away enemies. The perfect gift for the Mother of Dragons. ;-) Available in yellow/white and orange/white. 

Bhutan’s natural beauty and GNH principles inspired us to create our new Happiness Collection. Our Don't Worry Be Happy bracelet is an important reminder to be happy.  Giveback Funds from this collection will support local monasteries and Renew, a local nonprofit that empowers women and seeks to solve domestic violence issues. Founded by the fourth queen of Bhutan, Renew serves 3,000 women across the country with counseling and training services.

Cultural preservation is particularly important in Bhutan, each bracelet has been blessed by Buddhist nuns in Punakha and the head monk at the Paro Monastery, in a ceremony that involves holy water, ringing of bells, and chanting prayers. 

Limited supplies logistically challenged to deliver from Bhutan

  • 100% waterproof
  • adjustable length from 6-10 inches. diameter 2-4.5 inches
  • every bracelet in unique & hand-made therefore a slight variation in color combination may occur.
  • comes with a protective cloth pouch, gift tag & sticker.