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Celebrate Bracelet

Cross Colors! Electric pink and neon orange may remind you of Lisa Frank, but after traveling throughout India, it reminds us of protection, health, and purity. We love the 90s-inspired color combo in our new Celebrate bracelet.

Meet Our Holi Moli Collection:

Every culture has its own unique way of waving a welcome goodbye to winter and welcoming in spring. Hindus do it with an explosion of love and color during Holi, a multi-day festival that commemorates Radha’s divine love for Krishna.

On the last day, Rangwali Holi, revelers take to the streets to drench each other in colored powder, and to sing and dance. It’s an embrace of the victory of good over evil, a special salutation for spring, and above all, a celebration of love.

Introducing our newest collection of fabulously colorful bracelets, made with LOVE of course.

As a symbol of our gratitude, we’ll be donating a portion of the profits from this bracelet to Access Development, a non-profit in India that helps fund women entrepreneurs. Projects include artisanal crafts and the Pink Rickshaw Company in Jaipur.

  • Handmade with LOVE in India.
  • Comes with a protective cloth pouch, gift tag & sticker
  • 100% waterproof
  • adjustable length from 6-10 inches. diameter 2-3.5 inches
  • every bracelet in unique & hand-made therefore a slight variation in color combination may occur.