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We connect and empower people around the world to live full lives in community with one another through the common thread of love. What started as a social media campaign in 2014 that asked people around the world, "What is love?" is now a full-on product and lifestyle brand. We currently work with artisans in Kenya who create hand-beaded bracelets. We plan on expanding product offerings, all from artisans around the world.

Founder: Chrissie Lam is the founder and CEO of The Supply Change. The Supply Change connects global brands with artisan groups to bring socially conscious fashion to the mainstream consumer. More about Chrissie >

Origins: The Love Is Project started as a partnership between Chrissie Lam of The Supply Change and Zane Wilemon of African lifestyle brand LIFE Line. Chrissie designed the LOVE Bracelet with Maasai mums in April 2013 and spent the summer of 2014 traveling the world with her bracelet, inspired to ask friends and strangers alike what love meant to them. Read the full origin story >



UBUNTU Made provides sustainable employment for Kenyan women from the Maasai tribe. Chrissie designed the original LOVE bracelet which was then put into production by UBUNTU. The NGO has existing infrastructure in Kenya and managed production on the ground, and distribution worldwide. The first launch of the LOVE bracelet in partnership with American Eagle Outfitters created over 400 jobs and made American Eagle the largest employer of Maasai.

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