The Love is Project empowers female artisans around the globe using a “pay it forward” social enterprise model to produce unique jewelry for the socially conscious consumer.

We work with artisans in Kenya, Ecuador, Indonesia, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Guatemala and Colombia. Their wages fund education, health initiatives, home improvement, and additional income-generating projects. We also incorporate charity givebacks as well and always interested in partnering with brands and non-profits to help with fundraising efforts. Our ethical supply chain of love grew out of a simple desire to find out what love means to people around the world, and how despite circumstance or history, love unites us all.

Thanks for your support as Love Is Project wholesale client!

To order, you chose you products directly from our wholesale collection page and pay by credit card or Paypal payment. No hassle of invoicing makes the whole process fast, seamless and easy. Our wholesale minimum is $500.

Please let us know if you have any questions or interest in custom orders!

Love Is Project Original Love Bracelet handmade in Kenya
love is project original SKINNY love bracelet
LOVE Bracelet - Black/Gold
Skinny LOVE Bracelet - Black/Gold
Love Is Project beaded bracelet handmade in Ecuador with vegan leather
love is project skinny turquoise bracelet
Love Is Project beaded bracelet handmade in Ecuador
love is project skinny white bracelet
Silver LOVE Offering Bracelet Small
Silver LOVE Offering Bracelet Medium
Gold LOVE Alchemy Bracelet Small
Gold LOVE Alchemy Bracelet Medium
Love Is Project Gratitude Diamond Bracelet handmade by artisans in India
love is project trinity horn bangles photography
Bali DREAM Bracelet
Achira Harmony LOVE seed bracelet made in Ecuador by artisans
Seed Bead LOVE Bracelet - White & Gold
Seed Bead LOVE Bracelet - Orange
Seed Bead LOVE Bracelet - Pink
Love Is Project Seed Beed Love Bracelet
Love Is Project Love Sign Horoscope Bracelets made with LOVE in Bali
Atitlan LOVE Bracelets - Pink & Red
Love Is Project Darjeeling bracelet handmade by artisans in India
love is project taj beaded bracelet made by artisans in India

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