Love is patient, love is kind. And now, LOVE is also luxe. Our silver, gold, and horn collections are tailor-made for those special occasions using handicraft traditions passed down through the ages. Explore our premium LOVE collection.

Silver LOVE Offering Bracelet Small
Silver LOVE Offering Bracelet Medium
Gold LOVE Alchemy Bracelet Small
Gold LOVE Alchemy Bracelet Medium
Bali DREAM Bracelet
love is project trinity horn bangles photography
Love Is Project Gratitude Diamond Bracelet handmade by artisans in India
Love Is Project Gold Is Gold Bundle handmade by artisans in Indonesia

Good as Gold Bundle

$315.00 $350.00

Love Is Project Medium Silver Bali Bracelet

Silver Lining Bundle

$200.00 $226.00

love is project trinity horn bangles black and white mix
Silver LOVE Offering Bracelet Large

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