Indonesia's archipelago islands are filled with beauty, culture and history. Our first stop in our LOVE adventure is the island of Bali, the mecca of artisanal craftmanship and design. 

We soon expanded our artisan group to encompass villages in Java. In August, we're excited to launch a new collection from the island of Flores, home of the Komodo dragon.

Flores LOVE Bracelets - Lavender
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Mint & Pink
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Millennial PInk
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Pink & Turquoise
Bali UNITY Beaded Bracelet - Fuchsia
Bali UNITY Beaded Bracelet - Purple
Seed Bead LOVE Bracelet - Pink
Love Is Project Love Sign Horoscope Bracelets made with LOVE in Bali
Zodiac Love Signs - Libra
Love Light Bracelet Bundle
Unity Bracelet Bundle

Unity Bracelet Bundle

$75.00 $84.00

Bali Unity Wrap Bracelet / Necklace Bundle
Pretty in Pink Bali Seed LOVE Bracelet

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