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Bali Friendship Bracelet - Millennial PInk
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Black
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Royal Blue & Pink
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Teal & Purple
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Violet & Coral
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Mint & Pink
Bali Friendship Bracelet - Camel & Pink
Love Is Project Bali Friendship Bundle handmade by artisans

Bali Friendship Bundle

$80.00 $90.00

Bali Friendship Bundle New Colors
Flores LOVE Bracelets - Sienna
Flores LOVE Bracelets - Coral
Flores LOVE Bracelets - Lavender
Flores LOVE Bracelets - Indigo
Flores LOVE Bracelets - Denim
LOVE Pet Collar - Large
LOVE Pet Collar - Medium
LOVE Pet Collar - Small
Love Is Project Medium Silver Bali Bracelet

Silver Lining Bundle

$200.00 $226.00

Love Is Project Gold Is Gold Bundle handmade by artisans in Indonesia

Good as Gold Bundle

$315.00 $350.00

Love Is Project Big Love bundle bracelets handmade by artisans in Kenya


$135.00 $150.00

Love Is Project Big Skinny bundle bracelets handmade by artisans in Kenya

Big Skinny Bundle

$65.00 $72.00

Menage a Trois French love bracelets Je T'aime J'adore Amour

Ménage à Trois Pack

$80.00 $90.00

Love Is Project Enamora Amazon Ecuador Love Bracelets

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