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June 30, 2020 2 min read

Just like me—I’m sure your heart is feeling a bit heavy right now. 2020 has catapulted us into a worldwide pandemic, shined a spotlight onto the systemic racism woven into our country’s fabric, AND we’re closer than ever to a presidential election that will majorly impact America's future. 

It can feel overwhelming at times. Right now, we invite you to take a deep breath.Inhale...exhale…we know how you’re feeling, and we want you to know that you’re not alone. 

The one human element that can fuel us to grow, build, and ultimately—do the right thing, is LOVE. We know that LOVE comes in many shapes, sizes, actions, colors, conversations, and gifts. Today, we want to focus on LOVE in ACTION. 

When we take action, we create a world where ripple effects of change are not only possible, but palpable.

If we’re to fight a pandemic, support a racial justice and equality movement, while also voting for a candidate that can make positive change a reality...we need to act on it. Together, let’s Make America LOVE Again through our everyday actions. 

Here are 10 LOVE-driven ideas you can put into action today:

  1. Start an overdue conversation about race with your family members. 
  2. Send a creative self-care gift to your best friend. 
  3. Skip Netflix tonight and watch a movie or show that examines systemic racism in America
  4. Take a bubble bath and turn off social media for the night.
  5. Donate to your favorite organization supporting frontline workers. 
  6. Send someone who just lost their job a surprise Venmo payment to treat themselves.
  7. Go on a walk, call a parent, and let them know you miss them.
  8. Make sure you register to vote
  9. Tip that essential delivery person 30%, if you can afford it!
  10. Accept that every small moment of LOVE you bring into the world makes a difference. Keep going.

If you’re looking for a small yet functional everyday piece to remind yourself to Make America LOVE Again, check out our themed totes and greeting cards. While supplies last, use the code MALA2020 (<- see what we did there?) at checkout for 20% off all MALA products. 


Founder, Love is Project 


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