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with Chrissie Lam

Meet Our Newest Collection: The Corazon Bracelets

Meet Our Newest Collection: The Corazon Bracelets

These hand-crafted, hand-painted wooden bracelets hail from the scenic peaks of Oaxaca, Mexico (and come with a sweet surprise!)

Edgar Fabian Ortega and cousins Citlali and Vero run a third-generation workshop called “Una Inspiración de mi Vida” (inspiration of my life)  in San Martín, Tilcajete. This historic home of the Alebrije artisans are known for fantastical figures and dream-like designs that take some influence from Zapateco culture (think of the animals in Coco!)

We couldn’t help but find inspiration in these rich traditions of family handicraft, bright colors, and emotionally expressive designs. Today, we’re proud to launch our newest collection in partnership with the Ortega family: the Corazon.

Corazon means “heart,” which is fitting for a collection where color is used as an extension of the artisan’s sentiments, a representation of the emotional state of the artisan that created it. These three cousins along with their wives, parents, cousins, and aunts comprise an artisan collective that collaborates on hand-crafted wooden bracelets. The men dry and carve the wood, while the women delicately hand-paint embellishments and designs in a series of layers. Each bracelet is truly a labor of LOVE!

Every Corazon purchase also includes a special surprise: a hand-made milagros enclosed in a gift pouch. The milagros or sagrado corazon (sacred heart) is amongst the most representative motifs of Mexico that extends well beyond its Catholic roots and has become a cherished part of folk art.

To create these special milagros, we partnered with Aida Aquino Boyo and her family. Each tin piece is handmade and hand-painted in a workshop that contains 1,000+ hand tools to help this artisanal family achieve various designs and surface embellishments.

While milagros are rooted in religious faith, their purposes are now mostly ornamental, intending to fill a home with spirituality and devotion. Contemporary families often collect a series of these sacred hearts, marrying a vast amount of designs to create a wall collage of LOVE and faith.

The Corazon collection launches today.



Love is Healing

Love is Healing

With over 100 victims per day of gun violence in the U.S., we’re in need of some healing.

“We could be the healin'
When you're feeling all alone
We could be the reason
To find the strength to carry on
In a world that's so divided
We shall overcome”


 Dear Love Is Project supporter,

What day is it today? What day are you reading this? We usually measure calendar dates by what’s changed—whether you’re at home or in school or at the office, what your schedule looks like, whether you have any special events to look forward to. In U.S., there’s one regrettable constant no matter the day, though: gun violence. Over 36,000 are killed by guns per year in the U.S., and countless others are wounded, grieving, fearful, and healing from the impact that gun violence has wrought upon our country.

Michael Franti & Spearhead (featuring Victoria Canal) expose the human side of gun violence in the powerful music video for their newest single “The Flower,” which highlights the stories of survivors (including students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School) and demonstrates the power that everyone has to effect positive change. 

It’s this potential for positive change that Everytown for Gun Safety emphasizes. They’re educating and mobilizing Americans of all ages, locations, and experiences to work together to build safer communities. A collaboration between Michael Franti and Everytown, “The Flower” is a moving call-to-action that premiered at the End Gun Violence Together Rally at the TOMS headquarters.

Learn more about how high school drama teacher Melody Herzfeld and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas drama students, who helped bring their community together following the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida. Watch the Official Trailer for HBO's Song of Parkland Documentary here

When it comes to creating a safer world, you’re the missing link. To find out how you can end gun violence and build communities of LOVE across the U.S., head to



PS: Love Is Project is proud to support the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas community. For more information on our gun violence initiatives and impact, head here.


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